• Question: How long does it take to get to the ISS

    Asked by 876tch48 to Andrea, Charlie 🚀, Col Op, Kirsty, Vinita on 14 Jun 2016. This question was also asked by spacefan226.
    • Photo: Andrea Boyd

      Andrea Boyd answered on 14 Jun 2016:

      6 hours or 2 days.
      It used to be always 2days . Now we have more accurate computers so can fast track it to 6 hours, but if the Soyuz misses that then they orbit for 2days before the next chance.

    • Photo: Kirsty Lindsay

      Kirsty Lindsay answered on 14 Jun 2016:

      Imagine being in a little Soyuz for 2 days- I think i’d rather arrive in 6 hours 🙂