• Question: What is your favourite constellation?

    Asked by Tyler B to Andrea, Charlie 🚀, Col Op, Kirsty on 22 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Andrea Boyd

      Andrea Boyd answered on 22 Jun 2016:

      The Southern Cross. It rotates around the south pole so you can always figure out south using the stars! (useful for me, I have no sense of direction!)

    • Photo: Columbus Operations

      Columbus Operations answered on 22 Jun 2016:

      I like the Plough (it is so easy to see!). Similar as to what Andrea said about the Southern Cross, the Plough can be used to find the North Star, which points North (obviously).

      If you draw a line from Merak to Dubhe, extend it 5 times, you’ll end up at the North Star. Give it a try!

    • Photo: Kirsty Lindsay

      Kirsty Lindsay answered on 23 Jun 2016:

      I like the Pole Star, and Cassiopeia that points to it- it means you can always find your way home. If I draw I always use Orion- you can see hi from both hemispheres, so many people recognize it.