• Question: Is there anything special on a space suit

    Asked by Inoo to Vinita, Kirsty, Col Op, Charlie 🚀 on 21 Jun 2016. This question was also asked by 366tch22, matthew2004.
    • Photo: Vinita Marwaha

      Vinita Marwaha answered on 21 Jun 2016:

      An entire spacesuit is really a feat of engineering! A spacesuit is essentially a small anthropomorphic spacecraft.

      The Russian Orlan spacesuit used on the ISS does have a special and uinque feature. To notify the cosmonaut (Russian astronaut) of a life support malfunction, a buzzer alarm is heard by the cosmonaut through their spacesuit helmet. This prompts the crewmember to view a digital display on the wrist of their suit which changes colour from green to orange and recommends a course of action. An example would be if there is a pressure leak or drop, the instructions to fix this would be depicted. It’s a feature that would be useful for future astronauts exploring the surface of the Moon or Mars!