• Question: is it harder to live in space or on earth

    Asked by X-_TALHA_-X to Andrea, Charlie 🚀, Col Op, Kirsty, Vinita on 15 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Charles Laing

      Charles Laing answered on 15 Jun 2016:

      Hi X-_TALHA_-X,

      The body actually adapts really quickly and well to spaceflight and it is only when astronauts return to Earth that they experience health problems.

      Living in space can be easier as astronauts can move huge boxes around (because they are weightless) and move across the space station with just the flick of a finger.

      However, going to the toilet, washing yourself and preparing food to eat is much more challenging in space!

      Charlie 😀🚀

    • Photo: Andrea Boyd

      Andrea Boyd answered on 15 Jun 2016:

      In space because you need constant environmental control and life support for air and water and waste management and you need to get new supplies of food and clothes etc from Earth. People living in space are pretty reliant on Earth.