• Question: Do any of you like video games??

    Asked by 364tch48 to Andrea, Charlie 🚀, Col Op, Kirsty on 22 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Andrea Boyd

      Andrea Boyd answered on 22 Jun 2016:

      Big yes. Very competitive against my brothers too. We started with Super Nintendo and had all of those series growing up but moved to Playstation when that was released. Love my old PS2 still and the PS4 now. I tried Xbox but wasn’t a fan. Also keen on the old arcade games. I go to Gamescom in Cologne every year. (It’s the 2nd biggest, only to E3, in the world – you have to line up forever to play the newest games however it’s 6months before they’re even released so it’s amazing and worth it besides my best friend & I just use our PSPs or 3DS while waiting in line)

      I only get to see my parents and brothers once a year when visiting Australia but we usually meet at mum & dad’s and fire up the four player donkey kong or james bond on the N64 (I can still beat them on that 😉 ) but they are way better than me at new games now when we link up our PS4s online because I have less time to game sadly in adult life.

      At work we have two spacecraft simulators and a VR lab – you can pilot a Soyuz or the Dreamchaser to dock it with the International Space Station and in the VR Lab at EAC you can train for a spacewalk. It’s epic.

    • Photo: Kirsty Lindsay

      Kirsty Lindsay answered on 23 Jun 2016:

      Yep- lots. I’m playing Professor Layton and Zelda at the moment.