Live Chat Bookings

The live chats are where students and the Astro Support Team can chat directly with each other, in real-time.

A live chat is a fun, fast-paced environment where students realise that the Astro Support Team are ‘real people and feel connected to them.

Many teachers tell us that quieter students are more active in live chats than face to face and it can be an interesting change to class dynamics.

To ensure the team aren’t completely overworked by the live chats, we’ve set a few guidelines:

  • We’ll give every class one live chat
  • Chats are 30 minutes long
  • We can only run one live chat at a time in each zone, and will leave 10 minutes between chats ending and starting to give time to close and reopen the chat room
  • We’ll run a maximum of 3 chats per day in each zone
  • We will close a live chat after 10 minutes, if you have not shown up.
  • Please do let us know as soon as possible if for any reason, such as illness, you’re unable to make a live chat. We can then let the Astro Support Team know so they can get back to their busy day jobs!

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