• Question: what was it like in antartica

    Asked by 12blundenjas to Floris, Beth, Adrian on 9 Jan 2016.
    • Photo: Adrianos Golemis

      Adrianos Golemis answered on 9 Jan 2016:

      Hey, 12blundenjas, Antarctica was a great experience for me. I was there for a year, conducting medical experiments to see how our body adapts to extreme living conditions, not unlike the ones that Astronauts face. That alone was interesting in itself. Other than the professional aspect, living in Antarctica can be challenging: You are isolated with a small group of people, you cannot see friends or family and cannot leave even if you get sick. However, there are many positives too. You get to see the Aurora (Southern Lights) and experience a unique environment every day, among others. To me it was a great and deep experience.