• Question: whats your newest/latest project so far???

    Asked by kaneki to Julia on 18 Dec 2015.
    • Photo: Julia Attias

      Julia Attias answered on 18 Dec 2015:

      Hey again @kaneki!

      Thanks for being interested in my work 🙂 So I have just finished a project looking at how our muscles work whilst we are cycling the skinsuit. I am interested to see if “wearing more gravity” makes your muscles work harder. In theory it should, as we have seen with people who wear backpacks whilst they exercise, or those than wore medieval armour in the olden days. This is the same kind of thing, although the “mass” is spread along the body and doesn’t stay in one place like a backpack would. I am in the middle of analysing the data now but think that we are seeing some differences in the quadriceps muscle (the big muscle that runs down the front of your thigh). This could have lots of application not only to astronauts, to help them keep their muscles stronger, but also to other populations on Earth who also might undergo some muscle weakness.