• Question: what the point in space

    Asked by 228nch23 to Simon, Julia, Delma, Andrew, Alex on 17 Dec 2015.
    • Photo: Alexander Finch

      Alexander Finch answered on 17 Dec 2015:

      A fair question!

      There isn’t a point in space itself – it’s just there, the place that all the rest of the Universe that isn’t on Earth sits and exists!

      For us though, it repesents a destination, a place to explore and discover. There are far more places in space than there are on Earth, each of which needing, one day, to be visited and studied and maybe lived on.

      Until we go out and walk on all these bold destinations, we use space for our own, Earthbound, purposes. The space station is the world’s most advanced scientific laboratoy. The satellites in the sky gives us our TV, weather forecast, Google maps and GPS. We cannot live our modern lives without the advances and services provided by space!